Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthdays Then & Now

Birthday Cake 2010. mmmmmm - my favorite dessert from my favorite local bakery. This cake must have weighed 5 lbs. Three decadant layers of chocolate, seperated by luscious chocolate cream then beautifully covered in chocolate buttercream and adorned with ruffles & roses.Birthday "Cake" 2011.Yes, you are seeing this right. A cucumber & five strawberries. Clearly, I should've timed this diet a little better. But bless my sweet, thoughtful & creative husband!On Birthday Morning I was greeted by about 50 color pictures of different birthday cakes & other decorations, all hanging from the hallway ceiling and taped to the wall. And a little balloon path to follow, leading the way to the Birthday Strawberries.Blu looks puzzled. Where's the cake & ice cream? Thoughtful hubby...some of the cakes had gift certificates attached to them. Something to look forward to!


Anonymous said...

very creative hubby there. :)
Happy Birthday!!!

mwc said...

Just wondering if Al has any idea how tough he's making it on the rest of us husbands ? lol Hope you had a 'perfect' day !!