Monday, August 1, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Weather. No matter the season, the weather is always a popular topic here. It's so extreme! You've seen pictures of our winter drama. Now we're having summer drama. Almost the entire month of July saw temps in the 100s and no rain.Last week we had a little surprise. Guess what it was?The temp dropped about 10 degrees after this 15-minute shower. Who would have thought that 90 could feel so good?So here we are now at the first day of August and Mother Nature makes a Grand Entrance.See that little red line? Yes, it is approaching 110. One hundred ten, people. One One Zero.It's impossible to keep up with the yard and flower beds, but we're trying to save the newer plants.Don't these roses have a lovely vintage look? Unfortunately they're supposed to be red.There is one flowering shrub that thrives on heat, and it's not even a cactus. Good ol' crepe myrtles; although I've heard even some of these are struggling.
Oh yeah, there was something else outside enjoying the heat today. You're not gonna believe this...Blu was rolling around like it was the first blush of spring.Can you tell which end is up?

Harley, our dearly departed Newfoundland, would have had a nervous breakdown by now. That dog hated the heat.
Goofy Blu. I think he gets chilly in the indoor a/c. He loves a few minutes sunbathing every day. At least somebody does!

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Charlene said...

Sooooo love Blue! Thank you for stopping to visit Elle & I. You asked what kind of dog she is & it is a bit rare... Havanese. They come from Cuba & were bred to be lap dogs for the Cuban Royalty. Origin was The Mediterainin. They are little tricksters/jokers & tons of fun. Thanks for stopping by & I'm soooo feeling the heat too. Funn we chose the same title for our posts... Who would have thought??? But, if the shoe fits...
Charlene & Elle