Friday, October 11, 2013

Mountain Getaway!

This was my view last week!

We were blessed to enjoy 6 days/7 nights at a luxury cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. It was a much needed rest. The last couple years have been a bit...full of life and its many ups & downs.

The mountains greeted us every morning with different special effects. I think I'll chronicle the days starting with a picture of that morning's sunrise.

We got up really early last Wednesday and drove all day. It was dark when we arrived. The drive up, up, up a winding narrow road in the dark was a tad scary. But wow, the starry nights up there were stunning.

Sorry about the blown out sky; these are just quick shots of cabin. The first day, we just cozied in enjoying the deck, the perfect weather, napping, reading and just relaxing.

I'll post each day's photos with a bit of commentary, but most of my pictures are scenery or artsy shots.

The cabin had 3 levels with porches on each one. The main floor was an open kitchen/dining/living combo.  The wall facing the mountains was floor to ceiling cathedral style windows.

Mountain cabins are usually decorated in country motif, either bears, moose, or Native American crafts. This one was "beary cute". Had to end with this shot of the black bear puppets hanging on the bannister. Aren't they adorable?

Check back for day two with it's gorgeous sunrise and train excursion!

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