Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saturday in the Mountains

Starting another post with another amazing sunrise. Every morning in Blue Ridge was a new experience.
On this Saturday morning, the fog was so heavy that the mountains looked like islands jutting up from the ocean.

And here's the first peek of the sun.

Our plan was to head out early and go to Mercier's Orchard, a huge apple orchard where you can pick your own. I was really looking forward to this!

But apparently so were a thousand other people. I am not exaggerating. And that probably included about 500 little kids. The line to board the wagon that takes you out to the orchard looked like something from Disney World on a peak day. It was getting hot, so we opted to buy our apples. They had a wonderful facility where you could watch the apples being sorted & bagged; apple tasting of the many varieties, wine tasting, a restaurant, bakery & a store that sold anything and everything apple-related.

After that we took a ride towards Cherokee National Forest. Key word: "national" - remember that. Along the river, we saw what looked like a rest stop, but it was lined with international flags. Turns out this is where the kayaking competition took place during the '96 Olympics. It was a beautiful river area with very cool rock formations and  rushing water and would have been a nice photo op, but......

 ...we couldn't stop because - remember that key word, national - this was during the government shutdown/slimdown and the entrance was barricaded. Your tax dollars not at work.

We continued our ride and stopped to enjoy this scene.

And that was Saturday!

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