Saturday, June 9, 2012

In the Buckle of the Bible Belt

Yesterday morning I set out armed with the Nikon and a Starbucks. No place particular in mind. Just wanted to take a drive and enjoy a pretty morning on my day off. Once I was on my way, I remembered a place a friend told us about & I've been wanting to check it out. No, I didn't drive all the way to Graceland!

 Just a few miles from the heart of Tulsa and the sourthern 'burbs, where you can find four churches within any given half mile, is something most unexpected. See at the top of that little hill?

 A Hindu Temple. Who woulda thunk it? I only photographed the top because frankly, the building itself was pretty generic. In fact, because of the playground in the back, I thought it was a private school or day care.

From their driveway you also see something else unique in these parts.

I took pictures from the road because I wasn't sure I could get any closer than this.

That huge statue sits in the middle of a very sizeable garden at a Buddhist Temple.

I was able to enter through a gate that matched the Hindu's gate. Visitors are greeted by this cheerful representation of.....? Honestly, I know zip about either religion. By the way, I did ask & was given permission to take pictures.

I have no idea why the turtle at the base of the cheerful Buddha, but the little sticker says "I'm solar."

Morning offerings? I'm kinda thinking I would've taken the stickers off. You know, if it were me. No offense, just sayin'.

There were two sets of gorgeous table & chairs on a "porch". It sort of looked like a fellowship hall.

The wood is exquisitely inlaid with mother-of-pearl but it was so dusty, this picture doesn't do it justice. (Someone before me had a sense of humor re: the placement of that water bottle).


This is the back of a chair. Below are the carved feet of the tables.

This must be the main entrance to the temple.

Tomorrow, a tour around the gardens.

I have at least 3 postings of pictures, so check back!

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