Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Buckle" Tour...continued

We paused our tour yesterday with a picture of the back of the garden centerpiece. So today we'll start at the front.

I have dear friends who lived & worked in Shanghai for two years and so enjoyed it. They once asked a tour guide who this statue represented, as they had seen one in Tulsa. He said he "...really didn't know, maybe it's the Madonna?"  Um, no.

Just to give you some perspective, in the next picture, at the left is a house, maybe the caretaker's home? Kinda like a parsonage?

At the base of the statue is a hobbit door. (Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, if it was, it would be round). Maybe this is an electrical room? Or something priestly? I don't know!

These large urns are for burning incense. There's one on the base, one at the entrance to the platform, and one out on the grounds in front of another statue.

When I took these pictures two days ago the sky was very hazy to the south/west. To the east it was a deep blue when I started but then the haze spread. (Notice the chem-trail in yesterday's picture of the Hindu temple? ahem.) I had the polarizing filter on the lens, but still had to do some editing. If anyone has some suggestions, I'm open to hear them.

Now we'll go around the garden for close ups of the encircling statues. In the next picture you can see the neighboring Hindu Temple in the background.

I know in some cultures, a plush body signifies prosperity. Maybe that's what this one represents?

Yes, I know what you're thinking on both pictures, above & below. I was going to type it, but trying to be respectful here, people :)

I uploaded more than I intended to today, but I wanted to group most of the statue closeups together. Just a few more in the next post. Please check back!

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