Monday, June 25, 2012

Story Book Challenge

shadow of statue at library entrance

My art-doll club has issued a "challenge" for our annual August display at the local library. We're supposed to create a doll from a character in a book, then display the doll with the book. The public loves our semi-annual displays!

This one will be extra special. Already we have Cinderella, Jane Eyre, and a maiden riding a unicorn. Yes, one of our members is talented enough to also make the unicorn.

I've been wanting to make a fairy and this is the perfect motivation. You would think a child's picture book with pretty fairies would be easy to find at the library. I guess not in summertime! 

 stack of books sculpture at library entrance

 After much searching I did find this one and - happyjoys - had all these beautiful blue fabrics in my stash. The only thing I needed to buy was some cotton for the basic body.

Guess I better quit taking pictures and blogging and get busy now. Time is running out! Check back in a month for the results.

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