Friday, June 15, 2012

Ten Minutes in the Backyard

Here's something you don't see everyday from your backyard.

I dashed home real quick for lunch and let Blu outside, and saw the school's lightpole being repaired.

Then noticed my new rosebush had bloomed. That's exciting because I'm not known for having a green thumb. That's why I let hubby plant it for me, but he thinks I was just being lazy :)

We have some uninvited houseguests. They aren't the neatest guests, but I suppose mama has more important things to do. Notice how she re-purposed Blu's soft hair after I brushed him out?

Mr. Gopher here is quite unwelcome! His partying is wreaking havoc on the backyard. He's been served an eviction notice but hasn't complied.

Blu the Mighty Hunter is distracted from his main duties by the puppy next door.

And that was just 10 minutes in the backyard yesterday! Tonight we were treated to the first fireworks display of the season. Don't know who was shooting them off, but we sure enjoyed it.

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