Monday, May 16, 2016

Crystal Bridges: Part 1 Buildings Exterior

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2016 started off at warp speed. It was time for some shore leave! Even just a weekend out of town would give some much needed refreshment, but where to go with a limited amount of time (not to mention, $)

Heading south or west means a long drive of pretty much dreary scenery to reach any destination of interest. North isn't much better. Done the Kansas City thing. Been thru St. Louis a zillion times and actually stopped twice. There's always Branson, but been-there-done-that a few times, too.

No matter the jokes and negative image of hillbillys & Clintons, my favorite direction for a quick getaway is East - to our neighboring state of Arkansas. Lush greenery, rolling hills and actually, many things to see & do.

One place we hadn't visited was Bentonville, home of Crystal Bridges Museum of Art. I'd heard about it on our last visit to the state (Little Rock).

Bentonville? you say? As in, birthplace of Walmart? Seriously? You took advantage of a weekend away and went to Bentonville, Arkansas?

Yes. And we had a great time! The little town is cute & quaint. It's surrounded by the usual suburbia of freeways, shopping centers, chain restaurants and hotels. But the museum is world class.

In this post, I'm just showing the exterior of the buildings. The grounds are beautiful and I'll post those next.

My only disappointment was the buildings aren't really sparkly and the bridges weren't actually crystally looking. (I knew this ahead of time but still sort of live in a Rivendell-Lord of the Rings kind of imagination).

I couldn't get high enough to show the whole picture of how these connect together, so please Click here to visit the website.

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