Monday, May 23, 2016

More Art

This weekend was Tulsa's MayFest & Blue Dome Art Festivals. I went to both two years ago since they're conveniently close together downtown. Yesterday was a pleasant weather Sunday, so I thought I'd hit up Blue Dome for some artsy pix.

I prefer BD over MayFest. It's grittier and, I think, more interesting. This end of downtown just gets cooler every year!

Nice weather brought out huge crowds. Pretty much shoulder to shoulder.

This converted little bus was just too cute. They sold t-shirts & accessories.

He caught me lining up the shot and was so sweet to toss this big smile my way. I would've preferred to show him intently weaving, but still appreciate his good humor.

There were tables set up for visitors of any age to participate in the creative process.

And a whole street intersection dedicated to chalk art.

Love these colorful bird feeders.

Another artist at work.

This guy was so groovin' to the live music with his own harmonica. The two bands I heard were quite good, especially Daniel Jordan.

Tons of artists' booths, food trucks, and people!

My only disappointment - I missed the Art Cars. They were on display Saturday. Note to self: check the website next year. If you wonder what an "art car" is, click here to see the photos I took last time I was there.

I think my next post might feature some of Tulsa's architecture. Check back soon :)

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