Friday, May 13, 2016

Crystal Bridges: Part 4 Art in the Making

Crystal Bridges had a Garden Party Saturday. It was wonderful, so alive! There were small round tables set up, covered in bright cloth & tied with a ribbon around the base. There were vendors of all kinds.

 As we traveled the Art Trail, we encountered groups of musicians here & there playing a variety of styles.
 Wonderful Bluegrass...

Classical strings...

 A little bit o' country...

And this guy was accompanying a Janis Joplin-esque vocalist with this instrument crafted from a bike.

Around the rocky cavern area where the country group above was softly singing, there were artists painting on their easels. But the neat thing was clipboards, paper, paints & brushes were available for the kids to climb on the rocks, find a place to create and make their own art.

An entire section of this paved trail was set aside for chalk art. Boxes of chalk were placed here & there inviting anyone to contribute to the color.

There was a group of local art students creating a sidewalk masterpiece.

I snapped this one for my son, who has loved Garfield since he was a toddler.

We participated, too. I would've done something more elaborate but the ol' knees were too stiff from walking the trails to stay down there longer!

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