Saturday, May 14, 2016

Crystal Bridges: Part 3 Outdoor Art

Wonderful surprises pop up, even as you walk from the parking lot to the museum.

These huge sculptures are representations of the four seasons. The original pieces are on display inside and are maybe 12" tall.

Okie dokie, artie-choky!

This cool sculpture is called "Maelstrom." It's supposed to resemble "coils of paper, the interior of a shell, a vortex, a flower." (quote from the website)

These landscaping wagons aren't part of the display, but I thought they were artfully parked :)

Somebody planted a silver seed and grew a silver tree! It stands at the entrance of the museum, pointing the way forward.

Inside the courtyard area stands a huge spider. I avoided taking a picture from underneath because, ewww, there was even a representation of an egg sac. Double ewwww!

These large pinwheels were for sale outside the museum store.

Here's the 4th rep for one of the 4 seasons. It stands inside the courtyard also. To give you an idea how tall it is, someone standing next to it could stand under the peach.

I love this "profile picture" angle. Maybe I should use it for my Facebook profile!

This pig sculpture is placed on the Art Trail. It's one of the walking/biking trails around the museum. There's the tortoise & hare, and some other neat sculptures. This pig has eerily human eyes.

We saw this on the way out and I think it's a prop for the group who promote bat protection. It's truly a "batmobile."

More outdoor art in the next post - but it will be "art in the making."

But before you continue, I'll show you one more picture. My husband said I would regret letting him take this picture. Rarely do I post one of myself, but in the spirit of "interactive art" I decided to join in the fun!

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