Sunday, May 15, 2016

Crystal Bridges: Part 2 Grounds & Trails

The grounds of the museum is as much a world of art as the inside. Wildflowers line the entrance road.

This cardinal was so cooperative. He stayed around til I got my shot, then he was there when we left too! I would've gotten an even better photo then, but some ya-hoo in cowboy hat loudly said, "hey, lookit that cardinal!" (read with heavy hick accent). All I could think was "Idiot!"

We weren't sure, but think this was part of the bike trail. We saw a couple variations of this wavy thing on the dirt path that runs parallel with the paved one. Actually, we saw one grown woman wipe out on one. Her friends ran towards her while she shouted, "I'm fine. I'm fine!" So we pretended not to notice.

This trail connects with Compton Gardens. We stopped there Sunday morning. It was chilly & overcast. The Gardens is pretty walk. There's so many varieties of trees & shade loving foliage, but not too much that was especially photogenic.

Next post: the outdoor sculptures.

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