Thursday, July 3, 2008

And Now We Pause For...

Friday Night MindStreaming!
Ok, ok, it's only Thursday. But it feels like Friday because our office closed early today for a long holiday weekend. I've gotta tell ya, that extra hour & a half makes a big difference. Supper was already in the crockpot, so that was taken care of. There was time to spend with Joey, enjoying coffee & long conversation; and still time to go work out.

While working out, I remembered something. After we got married, we both got hired at the same company, a small electronics manufacturer. Joe's hours were 7-3. I worked in data processing & they let me have the same hours. I was not a morning person then, either, but getting off early in the afternoon was great. It really gives you time to develop hobbies & spend time together. I think people would be less stressed & more balanced if we worked less. Do I hear a big AMEN!?

Also during my workout - btw, I added 5 more minutes to my treadmill time - I was listening to Pink Floyd. Oh no you don't...don't you go all spiritual-huffy on me! I still enjoy some early 70's music. I already went thru that phase of tossing out those evil albums only to buy them back 20 years later. I have a theory that Vintage Stock was started by, well never mind. I digress...

My introduction to music was spending time with my Grandpap while he listened to his collection of The Longines Symphonette. I loved it and I think it set the tone for my future music preferences. I cut my rock & roll teeth as an 8th grader on the horns of Chicago (they probably don't qualify as R&R, but still...) and in college progressed to the Floyd. I love the layers, complexity, and musicality of that band. Not every album, mind you. They could get pretty weird. As I listened to a song called "Us & Them" - so meloncholy & moody; perfect for my massage chair reward - I thought about these lyrics:
Haven't you heard?
It's a battle of words.
And most of them are lies.
Isn't that what the enemy does to us? He takes the battlefield to our minds and spins subtle lies. Every day we are confronted with something he can twist & spin, hoping to cause us to doubt God's promises. A friend was commenting to me this week that you better know what it is you believe, so that when he whispers a half truth in your ear, you recognize it as the lie that it is. Good advice.

Tomorrow: Chapter Four of The Ohio Chronicles continues...

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