Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Ohio Chronicles: Chapter Six

You've Got Mail!Tonight I'm going to show you one of my favorite buildings in The Valley...The US Post Office. Since I was a child, I've admired this building. I can't explain why. I love the landscaping, the double stairs, the old wood inside, the very tidiness of it. And I was happy to find that it's been well kept and not a thing has changed, not inside; not outside.
It was built in 1938. I feel confident in saying that PO Box 95 has belonged to my dad & his dad since the doors opened. Dad doesn't remember any other mailbox and this is the only place we've ever picked up mail. The mailman didn't deliver to The Hillside.
What fun to go to the Post Office, run up the double stairs, entrusted with the key to open the little door and see what treasures were waiting inside. Talk about childhood innocence - the dread of bills had not yet become a reality!
My other grandparents' box was here also. Funny thing - I didn't know that until this last trip.
There has been one change: the Postmaster. He's someone I went to school with, although I didn't recognize him. He didn't recognize me either. Imagine that!

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