Monday, July 14, 2008

The Ohio Chronicles: Bridge Collection

The Bridges of ... The Ohio Valley.
This is the first in a short series of bridge pix. Even though I was born & raised in the Ohio Valley, I never really noticed the bridges. They were just a means to cross the river. Where I live now, there were only two bridges available to cross the river until recently. Another was built and now there's talk of another one. On my visit last August, for the first time, that contrast really jumped out at me. So many bridges!! There must be a dozen within a 40 mile span. I appreciated and admired the architecture and determined to photograph as many as possible next time I visited. Here's the results. I had a wonderful time going off to photograph these. It gave me some time alone to hyper-focus thru a lens and leave my cares for awhile.
This is one of the newer ones. I saw it for the first time a few years ago, on a foggy morning. As we approached, it rose up out of the fog like something from outer space. I was fascinated! It's on the way from the airport, so this was my first stop when I arrived, even before checking in with the folks.
Talk about a "then & now" contrast. This one above is just a couple miles downstream. Just drive south on Rt 7, also known as Dean Martin Blvd in the Steubenville area, and you'll see it. As scary looking as it is, I saw cars driving over it!
A little sidebar: Route 7 -- rhymes with "out". Unlike Route 66 and Route 40, which must be pronounced 'root'. You have to say it "Route 7".
More to come.

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