Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Ohio Chronicles: Bridge Collection Pt 2

The Wheeling Suspension Bridge is over 150 years old, one of the oldest in the world. My grandfather told me how the bridge collapsed once. He said the structure was already weakened and the steady rhythm of a dog walking across it caused it to finally collapse.I completely believed him until I repeated this story to my husband. When my mom smiled at him and said, "she believed everything her grandpap said" I realized I had been the audience for a Grandfatherly Tall Tale. Actually, I still kinda believed it until the advent of Google. When I did some research, I found that the bridge did indeed collapse in the late 1800's -- because of gale force winds. No dog was mentioned.
This thing scared me as a kid and my little brother would nearly have a nervous breakdown if he thought we were going to drive over it. The floor of it is like a metal grate and it makes whirring noise as you drive over; not to mention the slight swaying movement. To this day I will not cross this bridge. Would you drive on something with this many warning signs?! No trucks allowed; cars must stay 50' apart. A traffic light regulates how many vehicles are on the bridge at one time. No thanks. I'll take the Fort Henry instead; pictured below.
The Fort Henry parallels the suspension bridge. Stay on this road and go through a tunnel. Tunnels are so cool.

This bridge is further south on Route 7 (pronounced 'route', remember?) It used to be a toll bridge. That little rusted box on the bottom right was where you paid the toll man. For some reason, this bridge turns up in many of my recurring weird dreams.
Here's another view of it behind a railroad bridge. I love the graceful architecture of it, how it rises to two peaks (only one is visible in these pictures).
The railroad bridge runs through another small town. Here's how it looks before approaching the river:
I have a couple more bridges to show you and then it's on to the cemetary tour! Betcha can't wait.

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