Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Ohio Chronicles: Chapter Seven

The Three Roses "Is that a vase of roses in a car cup holder?" you may be asking.
As a matter of fact, it is. Let me tell you how they got there. As many of you know, mom has been in the fight of & for her life for almost four years now. After a late winter bout of pnemonia, she had to go to a care center to recover and go through physical therapy again. One of my reasons for renting the convertible was because she loves riding in them and I thought it would lift her spirits to spend a couple days getting out and about in the fresh air and sunshine. She worked very hard in therapy that week to be strong enough to go.
So, my sister & I busted her out; my sweet brother-in-law helped her in the car, and off we went for five hours. First stop: her youngest sister, Pat, who said we must visit Aunt Connie and announced she would love to come along with us. So she got her visor & sunglasses, water for everyone and a sun hat for mom and cheerfully hopped in the back seat. Aunt Pat was always game for having fun - a road trip, a picnic at the lake, whatever! She called Aunt Connie who said, "I'll put the coffee on!"
It's a good 45 minute drive to Aunt Connie's but that's all we wanted to do anyway! She is always the perfect hostess. No matter when we would drop in at her house, it seems she was just taking a cake out of the oven and had made a fresh pot of coffee. When I was 15, she let me have my first party at her house because it was big & roomy, perfect for teenage get togethers.

Because mom couldn't get out of the car without professional assistance, we pulled right into Aunt Connie's garage. She set up a fan to keep mom cool and had Josh Grobin playing on the cd. But the thing that just cracked me up because it was so over-the-top-Aunt-Connie was, she found an old shower/potty assist chair in the garage, from when my uncle broke his foot, and set it up like a tea cart by the car door. Dusted it off, put a cloth on it, and served sandwiches, cookies and fresh coffee. The finishing touch was the vase of flowers just cut from her garden.
The sisters dreamed for awhile of opening up a bed & breakfast which they would call The Three Roses (their maiden name). Phyllis would make wonderful home-cooked meals. Connie would do all the decorating. Pat would do the shopping and keep the books. It was a great idea that never made it past the dreaming stage.
I've had a policy on my blog of not using names very much or showing people pictures - just because the internet world can be so weird. But I really have to introduce you to these ladies. I love them so dearly. They have stuck together through everything life has thrown at them and life has hit them with some pretty hard stuff. They have spats like all sisters. The eldest (mom) gets aggravated with the youngest (Pat) and the middle one (Connie) tries to keep the peace. But they always have been and always will be there for each other. Three lovely ladies. Fragrant pink & red softness on strong, sturdy stems - with just a few thorns for good measure. They really are The Three Roses.


Anonymous said...

To bad they never open up the "The Three Roses" B &B it would have been awesome. Enjoy your blog.

Widney Woman said...

That's really sweet, C!